Modacity is a multi-service communications and marketing firm focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film.


Inspiration • Mobility • Simplicity



We love sharing our story! A multi-modal lifestyle is achievable by anyone, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, or economic means.  Storytelling is one of the best ways to communicate to a wide audience, whether about social, economic, or political issues around transportation. Contact us with your concept or idea and Modacity will work with you to create a meaningful piece for your online or print publication.


As multi-modal transportation becomes an important issue for the 21st century city, many groups are providing insight through lectures and presentations. Modacity offers talks focused on what accessible infrastructure means to the average person, from women and children, to the bike-curious and beyond. They provide a human perspective to policy and infrastructure, offering a compelling case for why governments must provide options when planning the cities of the future.

Photo and Film

Sometimes imagery is the most effective way to convey your message. Modacity offers professional print and film productions using a background in marketing, graphic design, sales, and social media to create successful lifestyle marketing campaigns that will get the attention they deserve. Take a look at our previous work in photography and film, then contact us with your idea to get started.