The Strait and Narrows

“The Strait and Narrows” is a six-episode podcast series written and produced by Modacity. Host Melissa Bruntlett journeys beyond the confines of Vancouver and collects residents’ stories from across the entire region. These narratives reveal the surprising successes, failures, hopes, and struggles that are rarely discussed in traditional media outlets. The podcast started when former city councillor Gordon Price approached us with the idea to raise awareness about the difficult issues that Metro Vancouver faces heading into the 2017 provincial election. The topics include food, art, immigration, jobs, housing, and transportation. Each episode is soundtracked by a local musical artist, such as Port Moody folk rocker Greg Drummond, WCMA Urban Artist of the Year David Morin, Surrey-born spoken word artist Kimmortal, and soulful Haida-Tsimshian siblings Sister Says. Over the course of a year, the team was fortunate enough to interview local leaders such as Agricultural Land Reserve Founder Harold Steves, Kwantlen First Nation’s Luke Dandurand, and Adam and Brent Mills of Four Winds Brewing Co. 

Stories from our neighbours about the city we live in can be heard or downloaded at “The Strait and Narrows” page, or via iTunesStitcher, or Google Play.