At Modacity, our goal is to promote a more human image of multi-modal transportation. We strive to educate cities and their citizens about the inherent benefits of moving away from a car-centric transportation model, towards a more inclusive model that is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and economic means. 

Drawing from our own experiences, we offer presentations to groups large and small, focusing on what positive measures can be taken to promote a multi-modal transportation model. Using compelling visual aids, such as photography and film, along with storytelling, we offer a human and family-centered perspective, inspired from our own lives, and what has worked well for our own lifestyle. 

Topics of discussion range from - but are not limited to - lessons from Vancouver’s emerging bike culture (through our own experiences of the city on two wheels), the value of connected neighbourhoods, as well as the importance of promoting the bike culture you want.  

Please contact us to discuss a customized event for your organization.

Previous Speaking Highlights:

“Chris and Melissa gave a keynote talk in the Wellington Conversations series in 2014. They gave an interesting perspective on not just the infrastructure but the cultural aspects of becoming a bike-friendly city. The councillors, city planners and others in the audience all came away with new ideas for making the journey from 'here' to a 'there' that welcomes urban biking for the whole family. A year on, the council has a larger budget, and more commitment, for putting some of those ideas into action.” - James Burgess, Chair, Cycle Aware Wellington

“Chris and Melissa Bruntlett presented Auckland with a clear, compelling, and deeply human vision of how everyday cycling is a way to be connected to the city but only if it is safe for people of all ages and abilities, using the example of their families’ experience with  Vancouver’s critical mass of safe, separated cycle infrastructure. Their message that everyday cycling is good for your mobility, good for the environment, good for business, good for your health, not to mention good for your wallet resonated with Aucklanders and helped inspire us to redouble our efforts to develop safe cycling infrastructure and to build our own culture of everyday cycling.” - Darren Davis, Principal PT Planner, Auckland Transport