In the summer of 2010, Chris and Melissa Bruntlett, along with their two young children, made the conscious decision to sell the family car, embarking on a new and enlightening adventure. Forced to move to a multi-modal commute, relying on public transit, walking and a lot of cycling, the Bruntletts quickly realized the benefits of living a 'car-lite' lifestyle, not the least of which was the increased human interaction with the city they call home.

After many discussions with family and friends about what their lifestyle choice means for their day to day existence, the Bruntletts were compelled to begin sharing their stories with a wider audience. In June of 2012, Melissa began a blog titled Velo Family Diaries, that set out to chronicle her daily adventure with their two children on bikes. It quickly garnered a following, prompting Melissa to expand her topics to some of the social and political challenges she faces as a female cyclist and a mother. The success of her story-telling has led to several nominations in the female blogging community, guest posts on environmental and other female powered blogs, as well as becoming a regular contributor for Momentum Magazine.

Seeing a need to normalize the image cycling in his city, Chris joined forces with Vancouver Cycle Chic, photographing cyclists that exemplify the Cycle Chic Manifesto - Dress for the destination, not the journey. Chris used his excellent knowledge of social media outlets to promote his work, quickly gaining notoriety in the online and local cycling community. He also became a regular contributor for numerous online and print publications, including Hush Magazine, Spacing Magazine and Momentum Magazine. Most recently, Chris has produced several short films with the Vancouver Cycle Chic team that showcase people in Vancouver using a bicycle in their every day lives. The Cycle Chic Films have earned Chris and his team many accolades, including awards at the New Urbanism Festival in Los Angles, Filmed By Bike in Portland and the Vancouver Web Fest.

Chris and Melissa continue to work through their writing, speaking engagements and photography and film to promote a more human image of multi-modal transportation. Together they strive to educate people and cities about the inherent benefits of moving away from a car-centric transportation model and to a more inclusive model that is accessible to people of all ages, abilities and economic means. Promoting the health, environmental and social benefits of cycling, walking and public transit, their goal is to improve upon the great strides already made in their city and beyond, creating a more open and welcoming environment for their family and the families of others.

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