At Modacity, we pride ourselves in telling compelling stories about the people and ideas shaping our cities for the better. We believe urban leaders can learn from one another, and strive to bring lessons from our travels around the world back to Vancouver, and inspire our peers with what is achievable. Very few places exemplify the positive effect multi-modal planning has on its citizens than in The Netherlands. Long admired as a mecca for non-motorized travel and well-designed shared public spaces, the Dutch offer a glimpse of what “could be” elsewhere in the world.

During the summer of 2016, Modacity toured The Netherlands to learn about the drastic cultural changes needed to shift away from the car-centric paradigm, to one that puts people first. Over the course of five weeks, we visited five Dutch cities (Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Groningen), and spoke with local politicians, planners, citizens, scholars, and advocates about what strategies were used to increase the livability of the country. Drawing from these discussions and experiences, we have developed a series of articles, photographs, and short films.

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