And so it begins...

Soaking up the sun on Venice Beach. One of the many beautiful places this crazy journey has already taken us.

Our story began with a simple decision four years ago, one that has taken us on a journey of self discovery we could never had anticipated. In June, 2010, we sold our family car and opted for more civilized and affordable means of transportation - walking, public transit and, mainly, the two-wheeled travel of the humble bicycle. Since then, our notoriety as the "Bicycle Family" has grown through the Velo Family blog, active involvement in Vancouver Cycle Chic and various writings for publications throughout North America and beyond. 

Now we come to today, and the launch Modacity - a partnership conceived between Chris and I when we realized that our voices and imagery are helping others to consider a change in their lifestyle. Modacity is a multi-service company; our focus being to "Inspire" a more balanced and positive view of multi-modal travel, and work to improve the accessibility of "Mobility" for people of all ages, abilities and economic means. Most of all, through writing, public speaking and photography, we want to express the true "Simplicity" of a lifestyle we've come to embrace joyously these last several years.

Chris and I have strived to present a voice that shows that choosing more humble means of travel, like the bicycle, are not a step down, but rather a step towards improving one's overall quality of life. Specific to cycling, in order for increased growth in the number of people riding a bike instead driving, it's important to reduce imagery portraying it as a sport, or recreational activity. Riding a bike is so much more than that. Since it's invention over 100 year ago, the simple bicycle has been used by people around the world as a means of transportation, to get from point A to B. To this day, there are still people riding bikes to run errands, commute to work, or, in the case of our children, get to school. Sadly, our lifestyle is considered fringe, but we are working to change that.

It's been a very exciting journey for our family to get to this point, and we are so excited for this new chapter. Chris continues to work with Vancouver Cycle Chic to produce more of the inspiring Cycle Chic Films, and between the two of us, we are continually sharing our stories and photos to help inspire others. We are also very excited for our upcoming trip this fall to Auckland, New Zealand, where we will bring our message of the positive changes accepting a multi-modal transportation plan can bring. 

So, with that, welcome to Modacity and be sure to follow our adventures!