The Month Before Christmas: A Velo Family Holiday Story

Two years ago I got a little creative before Christmas and put together a new version of the classic The Night Before Christmas for Velo Family Diaries. It was such a fun story, we felt compelled to share it again with our Modacity audience, with a few tweaks now that our family has changed a little. Wishing you all the very best holiday season. Enjoy!

The Month Before Christmas: A Velo Family Holiday Story

‘Twas nearly time for Christmas, just two days at most,
Not a Bruntlett was biking, too much rain on the Coast.
The wet clothes were hung near the heaters to dry,
From the few times they risked riding, just to give it a try.

The children would bundle up for warmth as they rode behind,
While Mom and Dad dreamed of days when Mother Nature was kind.
They longed for July and August, and warm days by the beach,
And thought, “Well, at least it’s December, Spring is just out of reach”

When out of the window, there arose such a light,
The Bruntletts had squinted because it was so bright.
Away to the window they flew like a flash,
Ignoring the sound of Etienne’s castle going “crash”.

The sunlight sparkled in the puddles below,
And Chris exclaimed, “Let’s get out and go!”
For in Vancouver, they say, the rain falls a lot,
So, when you like to ride bikes, you take whatever you’ve got.

More rapid than bald eagles, to their bikes they ran,
Ready to enjoy as much sun as they can.

“Now Etienne! Now Coralie! Just get on your bikes!
It’s time to ride through town, and see some of our likes!
Out to English Bay, and a ride on the Seawall,
Now pedal on, pedal on, pedal on all!”

Off to the waterfront, with pedal-power they sped,
Stopping for coffee while the kids they were fed.
The salt water twinkling below, a light blue sky above,
Mom and Dad were reminded why it’s this city they love.

Even in the winter, when rain falls hard and fast,
There’s something about this place and the dreams that are cast.
Another year on two wheels has nearly come and gone,
And the Bruntletts have biked every day the sun shone.

Coralie, growing fast, riding in front of her folks,
While Etienne rides his Lil' Dutchi, spinning his spokes.
Quite a bike family they’ve become, these ambitious four,
Even travelling to other cities and biking some more!

As Christmas draws near, they think of family back East,
And know one day they’ll join them again for that Christmas feast.
But for now, in the winter sun, Melissa and Chris ride with their tykes,
Shouting, “Merry Christmas to all, now we’re off on our bikes!”