Bike to Shop Days

As we’ve written before, in transportation circles, the trip to work remains an often-overemphasized statistic (making up just 16 per cent of all trips), but one that city officials and advocacy groups focus disproportionately on, likely because it’s the trip on which they have the most data.

Consider this: The average North American work commute is ten miles (16 km) in one direction, while the average shopping/errand trip is just two miles (3 km). If we are truly striving for mass uptake and increased mode share, the conversation around cycling needs to move away from facilitating the daily commute of individuals, and towards the everyday transportation needs of entire families. 

In conjunction with HUB Cycling's 20th anniversary celebrations, Modacity developed a three-part web series to promote their annual Bike to Shop Days, featuring a diverse cast using bicycles to shop in communities around Metro Vancouver.